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Safe Food Pro
Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution

Our powerful Automated Wireless Monitoring takes the guesswork and human error out of your temperature monitoring.

The Safe Food Pro solution takes temperature readings 24/7 and alerts you when there is an issue. Best of all, Safe Food Pro monitors seamlessly integrates into the Safe Food Pro dashboard.

Why is accurately recording temperature important for Food Safety?

  • Food must be stored correctly to ensure it is both safe and suitable for consumption. If it is not stored correctly, harmful microbes will grow rapidly leading to the risk of foodborne illnesses.
  • Food stored incorrectly also leads to loss of quality and increased food waste.
  • When employees manually perform temperature checks and thermometer readings there is a risk that these records are not accurate or can be missed leaving the business exposed to heightened risk.
  • By deploying automated temperature monitoring food operators will know instantly if the temperature of food or equipment goes out of range and as a result can protect their customers from food borne illness as well as protect their inventory from spoilage and loss.
  • With automated temperature sensors, food operators will also save labour time on collecting, storing and accessing temperature records.
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How does the temperature monitoring system work?

The Safe Food Pro automated wireless temperature monitoring solution takes the guesswork and human error out of your food safety temperature monitoring.

  • The our TS3 sensors both use 921 Mhz frequency and LoRa (Long Range) protocol which has an ultra-long transmission range of up to 500 meters from the 4G hub.
  • The 4G LoRa Gateway is an ultra-long-range wireless data acquisition gateway dedicated to receiving the signals from Safe Food Pro Australia's LoRa-based temperature sensors.
  • The system is easy to install and integrates seamlessly with Safe Food Pro’s software.

Why the Safe Food Pro temperature monitoring system?

  • Powerful. Our LoRa sensors can punch through concrete floors, chiller walls and most obstacles in the kitchen.
  • Affordable. It's not expensive and is a one-time cost to your business – no leasing or hidden costs! You own it.
  • Reliable. Our sensors are manufactured with a sensitive temperature response of ±0.5 °C and a wide temperature range of -40 to +125°C and do not require calibrating.
Safe Food Pro sensor starter pack
LoRa vs Bluetotth

Bluetooth equipment involves a Wi-Fi connection from the Bluetooth hub to your network, and a Bluetooth connection from the temperature sensor that monitors temperature reading sent back to the hub.

LoRa (Long Range) is a 4G protocol for IoT devices such as sensors. LoRa uses low-frequency radio, which supports a much larger range and better penetration than Bluetooth.

See how our Temperature Monitoring Solutions have helped other food businesses

“With a large group of restaurants across the Lone Star and Joe's Garage brands we needed a proper temperature monitoring solution that we could rely on. Not only does the Safe Food Pro dashboard show us real-time temperature readings across all of our sites, we also get alerts if a temperature reading is outside limits. It's bloody great.”

Gerhard Zitzenbacher

Group Head Chef | Lone Star Group & Joe's Garage

The Benefits of using Our Temperature Monitoring Solutions

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Easy Setup and Integration

Setting up your wireless temperature monitoring solution is straightforward, no technical expertise is required. Just follow the instructions on the handy Quick Start guide.

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Automated System

Save time and energy for you and your staff with Safe Food Pro’s automated temperature monitoring solution.

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Peace of Mind

With The Safe Food Pro monitoring solution you’ll have peace of mind by having a birds eye view on all your fridges and freezers and always be audit or verification ready.

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Supercharge your operations with our real-time wireless temperature monitoring solutions.

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Over 4400 Safe Food Pro temperature sensors sold world-wide

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