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Safe Food Pro April 2024 Release

April 2024

Form Builder Enhancements

Explore the enhanced capabilities of the Safe Food Pro Form Builder, now featuring a full-screen, responsive design that replaces the previous pop-up interface. This enhancement ensures a user-friendly layout across all screen resolutions.

You’ll be able to:

  • Enjoy an improved, spacious interface for creating and customising forms.
  • Utilise the Draft Mode to test and refine forms in a real-world environment before going live.
  • Benefit from an adaptable layout that scales seamlessly with your device, enhancing usability and interaction.

Safe Food Pro 3.1 Release

Web Version: 3.1.26

new temperature profile question type graphic

Coming Soon: New Temperature Profile Question Type

We're excited to announce a new question type for our form builder that brings powerful functionality to your food safety management. The temperature profile question type allows you to measure heating or cooling profiles over a period of time with complete customisation.

Please note: If you're interested in this feature it's not yet active in the Safe Food Pro app, we'll be launching this soon! You'll also need one of our awesome new probe sensors which will be available in our shop shortly.

You’ll be able to:

  • Use a wireless probe sensor to measure your food over the desired time period.
  • Receive alerts if the food being measured goes outside of the accepted temperature range.
  • Continue to use Safe Food Pro while you run your temperature profile/s in the background.
  • Build a customisable temperature profile for cooling or heating, with the ability to set custom intervals between each measurement and define an acceptable temperature range within those time intervals.

Safe Food Pro - equipment improvements

Equipment Improvements

We understand that your food control plan is unique, to support this you can now customise the temperature limits of your equipment. You can now easily set your own upper and lower limits for equipment such as refrigeration by navigating to the Settings tab in My Business.

You’ll be able to:

  • Easily set custom temperature limits for Equipment to align with your Food Control Plan.
  • Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature units, depending on your preference.
  • Set custom limits for each Equipment category.

improved analysis reporting graphic

Improved Analysis Reporting

Our Analysis Reporting tool is a robust feature available on our Professional, Multi-Site and Enterprise plans. We've further enhanced this feature, enabling you to delve deeper into your reports. The drill-down functionality will provide you with valuable insights and allow you to gather even more useful information. The possibilities are endless! 

 You’ll be able to:

  • Drill down and add multiple layers of filtering for custom insights into your data.
  • Provides powerful insights across your group or organisation.
  • Compare a selection of trends and drill into them by form name, type or answer.

reporting improvements graphic

Reporting Improvements

Our primary goal is to enhance the customisation options of our Reporting system. You can now customise your Summary Report page to suit your needs. 

  • Re-order and Hide Reports on your Summary Reports page to get the view that suits you. 
  • Toggle the Time Stamp on or off on your Completed Forms to simplify your Report. 
  • Introduced the ability to view Corrective Actions from the Form Reports page as well as view them when exported.
Add note to corrective action

Group Admin Improvements

Being a Group Admin in Safe Food Pro just got easier with the new Group Admin Reporting feature available on our Multi-Site plan. You can now easily analyse trends for forms, making it simpler to keep track of your accounts. In addition, a new role called Restricted Group Admin has been introduced, giving you the ability to grant Group Admin access to more users without sacrificing control.

You’ll be able to 

  • Drill into trends for forms from the Completed Forms page in your Group Admin login.
  • Create a Restricted Group Admin User who can only view a selection of Accounts.
  • Send Group Summary Reports to Restricted Group Admins to show only the accounts the user is responsible for.
  • Drop-down lists in the Group Admin Console now show "All" or "None" at the top for easier navigation.

Safe Food Pro 3.0 Release

Web: 3.0.102 | iOS: iOS 3.0.79 & Android 3.0.81

New Look and Feel

New Look & Feel

With this release Safe Food Pro is bringing a fresh new look and a great new feel to our mobile app.

We’ve made Safe Food Pro familiar and easy to use to stay on top of your food safety and  given it a great visual upgrade to keep it moving with your food business.

Update to User Groups

User Groups Updates

User Groups add further customisation to your Food Safety. Create custom User Groups to segment the forms you assign to different teams working under the same Food Control Plan. Front of House, Kitchens, Coffee Carts and satellite areas can have their own Forms within a single account.

For example:

  • Group Monthly Audit forms to Administrators & Managers
  • Create a Front of House User Group that only your FOH Staff can see
  • Have a Kitchen Staff User Group that contain forms only relevant to Kitchen Staff
Add equipment on SAP app

Add and edit Equipment from the Mobile App

We understand that being able to add and edit your equipment while you're in the kitchen is highly important to you in Safe Food Pro. We’ve listened to your feedback and with Safe Food Pro 3.0 you can now add Equipment through our app on tablet or mobile device. Now, adding equipment is easier than ever as you are able to do it from the device of your choice.

Light and Dark Mode

Light & Dark Mode

Safe Food Pro now adapts to your preferences and will automatically switch to either light or dark mode depending on the settings of your device. If you have a preference you can also manually change it to your preferred view in Settings under ‘Application Theme’.

Add note to corrective action

Ability To Add a Note To a Corrective Action When It Is Closed

To improve traceability processes with your food safety we’ve improved our corrective action feature. You can now add a note to your corrective action to explain what was done to ‘action’ the corrective action  when closing a corrective action and marking it as ‘done’ or once it is closed.

Best before dates

‘Best Before’ Dates

We’ve added a new feature to our form builder to allow you to collect additional information about entered dates to date questions such as ‘Best Before’ or ‘Manufacture Date’. This extends the capabilities of Safe Food Pro, helping your business make food safety easy. To utilise this feature create a ‘date question’ and toggle ‘user must select date type’ on.

You’ll be able to:

  • Toggle date type collection units on/off in the form builder.
  • Add Best Before, Use By, Packed Date & Manufacture Date to date type questions.
Group manager view

New View | Only Group Manager Experience

If you're part of a Group you are likely familiar with the Group Admin Console. We understand that sometimes a person in your organisation needs to access this dashboard, but without the ability to edit forms, resources and suppliers across the group.

With this new update we’ve added the ‘Restricted Group Manager’ role to Safe Food Pro. Now, inside the Group Admin Dashboard under ‘Group Admin Users’ when you create or edit a user you can now use the checkbox to select ‘Restricted Group Manager’.

This new role will offer users Group Admin access but in a read only fashion without the ability to edit forms, resources and suppliers.

New settings page

New Settings Page

We’ve improved the admin experience in Safe Food Pro by creating a new settings page which makes it easier for you to adjust your settings in Safe Food Pro and simplifies the ‘Organisation Detail’ page. The new page is also where you’ll find the new User Groups feature to customise your food safety.

Other updates to Safe Food Pro

Other updates

We’ve been working hard on many more changes with this update including a major visual overhaul of the Safe Food Pro mobile experience. Some of the noteworthy changes coming to Safe Food Pro with this update are:

  • Improving guidance for using the ‘bulk upload’ features for equipment and suppliers.
  • Added the ability to filter in a form report.
  • Added the ability for users with admin console access to change their email address.
  • Improved the error message for a lost connection to a bluetooth probe.
  • Improved scrolling for long text entries.
  • Made the ability to delete form reports more difficult to avoid accidental deletion.
  • Certificates & permits and sensor dashboard panels are now collapsible.
  • Improved PDF layouts to reduce images splitting over pages.
  • Improved the week time bucket to start with the current week. 
  • Improved the Dashboard layouts for large numbers of Temperature Sensors
  • Improved automated email sending and unsubscribe links for improved deliverability
  • Bluetooth support for the ETI DishTemp Blue device

Release - Tumeric

Web 2.7.21 and Mobile 2.6.46 on iOS and Android

Mobile App Improvements

Mobile App Improvements

  • We've made some privacy improvements to Corrective Actions so they're only viewable on mobile by the manager or the Corrective Action assignee.
  • You and your team can now access Saved Forms from the past 12 months, not just the last 30 days.
  • We have fixed a system issue that was sometimes causing users to get an unhelpful white screen on app launch.
  • We have made performance improvements to loading forms, and large lists of equipment or users.
  • We have also tackled a number of bug fixes and made performance improvements across all platforms.
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Group Administrators

Group Administrators

  • Group administrators can now create other admins who see a subset of the group'sorganisations. This is useful if you have regional or sector-specific managers who only need to focus on a filtered view of your organisations activity.
  • The Group Dashboard has been enhanced so that the Group Form Statistics tab lets you choose to view progress for weekly and monthly scheduled forms, as well as the daily scheduled forms are currently shown. You can now also choose to exclude/include Organisation or Site-specific Forms in the table.
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 Under The Hood

Under The Hood

  • We have increased the performance of loading and saving of Resources, Reporting and saving Form Templates.
  • We’ve optimised the web portal filtering and search to search across more fields.
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 Sensor Enhancements

Sensor Enhancements

  • We’ve made some enhancements to our sensors and hardware so that now any archived sensor data is still easily accessible from your Dashboard in the Admin Console.
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Deleting Completed Forms

Deleting Completed Forms

  • Administrators can now remove completed forms from your account via the Admin Console.
  • When logged in as an Administrator select a completed form you want to remove and select the trash can icon to remove.
  • Once deleted the forms cannot be retrieved so be sure before you delete them!
  • Note that statistics, staff induction dates and equipment maintenance dates that were derived when the form was first completed may be incorrect if you delete a completed form.
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