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Jacquie Bennett
New Zealand
Mar 30, 2021

Best Ugly Bagels - Big Sustainability Softies

Best Ugly Bagels - Big Sustainability Softies

Best Ugly Bagels are not only supporters of Safe Food Pro, they’re also big supporters of sustainability. Jeremy Coombes, General Manager of Best Ugly Bagels gave us some insight into what they’re doing to be more sustainable.


Like many modern food businesses, Best Ugly Bagels aspire to have minimal impact on the environment. Their sustainability initiatives are admirable, they only use compostable or reusable packaging, they only use free-range eggs and bacon and they give customers 50 cents off their coffee for using keep cups.


But according to Jeremy, it’s not just the ‘front face’ of sustainability that companies should be thinking about, there’s the behind the scenes side too “we work with a company that provide us with compostable bags and they make sure our compost materials go to proper composting facilitates (not into landfill).”

What do you think food businesses could start doing, in order to be more sustainable?

Jeremy believes businesses could all try to be conscious of what they’re promoting through the products they sell and the suppliers they use. “You’re voting with your dollar and that’s how you motivate change in the industry.” Beyond that Jeremy believes small initiatives can go a long way “Say no to plastic and unnecessary packaging.”


Do your homework and be thorough

“It’s important to ask questions of your suppliers. Before you take on a new supplier, you should ask them what their sustainability policy is. You have to make sure you’re doing what you say you’re doing, if you tell your customers your packaging is compostable, make sure when it’s going out back door it’s going to a composting facility.”

What food businesses are doing well at sustainability in NZ?

“The drinks brand All Good are very sustainability focused and they give back (through the Karma Cola Foundation). They also only stock their products in glass bottles.”

Feel good factor

Whilst there’s a price premium involved in being sustainable, Jeremey believes in supporting good practice. “Companies who are doing the right thing, such as being sustainable and supporting animal friendly products, will find that it ultimately pays off.”

We couldn’t agree more Jeremy. If you feel hungry after reading this, go grab yourself a Best Ugly Bagel, because you can feel good about eating one (or two).



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