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Greg Hart
New Zealand
Feb 1, 2021

Burger Wisconsin Streamlines Their Food Safety Compliance

Burger Wisconsin Streamlines Their Food Safety Compliance

The first Burger Wisconsin store opened its doors in the Wellington suburb of Wadestown in 1989. It was the original NZ gourmet burger store and introduced combinations such as Avocado & Bacon and Camembert & Cranberry to the New Zealand takeaway market. Burger Wisconsin has been a proudly New Zealand owned and operated franchise since then, and has grown to almost thirty stores across the country. The Burger Wisconsin business model is based on local franchisees, working in their local communities, to deliver fresh, healthy, gourmet burgers to its loyal customers.


The Challenge

Moving from paper-based compliance to the cloud, bringing everyone along for the ride!

ABC (American Burger Company) as the owner of Burger Wisconsin was very aware they lacked real-time visibility of food safety at the store level. This exposed them to significant risk. Without visibility, ABC would not find out about food safety issues until some time later. In order to protect customers and their brand they realised they needed to move to a cloud-based solution. This would give them the visibility required and a platform to further develop their food safety and operational compliance systems. 

Like many other franchised retail food operators ABC faced the challenge of bringing all their stores on board. ABC needed to find a cloud-based solution that was both fit for purpose and would be acceptable to their franchisees.


The Solution

After careful consideration ABC chose Safe Food Pro for its out-of-the-box feature set, easy-to-use functionality, configurability, adaptability, and the underlying stability and power of the Safe Food Pro platform.

Leveraging Safe Food Pro’s ‘Group Features’ ABC were able to standardise and lock down their food Control plan and deploy it across all stores. This approach meant the deployment of the solution was not only straightforward but was achieved in a timely manner.


The Results

  • savings in time and money
  • ability to conduct remote audits
  • consistent real time data across all stores
  • analysis tools = more informed strategic decision making
  • consistent data across stores


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