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Greg Hart
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Dec 31, 2020

The impact of a poor food safety rating to your Business?

The impact of a poor food safety rating to your Business?

It’s important that the food you prepare whether you’re a manufacturer, restaurant, café or dairy owner is safe and suitable to eat.  Without meeting the requirements of MPI’s Food Act 2014 by 28 February 2019 you are at risk of an expensive audit and subsequent costly fines. 

A good rating signals to consumers that the food being prepared is meeting a safe standard.  The new Act for businesses varies on a sliding scale and is focused primarily on food production.  If you are a manufacturer of food you are at a higher risk from a food safety position and will have increased requirements than you would if you are a dairy owner reheating pies. 

The key components that the act brings are:

Food Control Plans (FCPs) – required by high risk businesses

National Programmes – medium and low risk businesses

The 'Where Do I Fit' tool helps you to determine what rules your business needs to follow under the new MPI Food Act 2014.


Go Digital - Yes there's an APP

Going digital with Safe Food Pro has many benefits including less wasted staff resource hours and happier more productive staff.  It reduces stress when audits are required and has a real time reporting dashboard to quick reference requirements.  At audit time, Safe Food Pro allows you to create a simple ‘Verifier Ready’ report at the click of a button. 

The Safe Food Pro app is a hygienic and simple way to remove the paperwork from the kitchen and is simple and easily accessible for all staff to use.  Demonstrating a high safety standard to the consumer gives consumers the confidence to buy from you.  No food producer wants any consumer to get sick from poor safe food standards or be at risk of losing money as a result of down time. 

Safe Food Pro allows you to set up your own requirements including daily refrigeration and freezer temperature recording, weekly cleaning measurement, pest control checks and demonstrates areas where staff may need training.  Providing a reliable service to your customers is essential for the success of your food safety rating. 

Sign up today for a FREE 14 day trial of Safe Food Pro and take additional stress out of the kitchen.

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