Food Safety
Helen Clarkson
New Zealand
Nov 14, 2018

Keep summer produce fresher for longer

Keep summer produce fresher for longer
Summer produce

As the weather gets warmer heading into summer we see more and more seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs come into season. It's the busiest time of the year for most food businesses but the challenge is keeping seasonal produce fresh for longer in the summer months and reducing wastage. No one wants wilted greens, bruised fruit and mouldy berries but thankfully good food doesn't have to go to waste if you take measures to keep summer produce fresher for longer.

Sourcing your produce

To ensure you get the freshest produce in summer, buy local. This is true year-round but especially in summer, when the shelf life of perishables can be so much shorter.

Storing your produce

When the months get warmer, we're tempted to refrigerate all our fresh produce thinking this will increase the shelf life which is not always the best idea. 

It's important to store food correctly in summer. You must take extra care when preparing, cooking and storing food as summer brings more warmth and moisture which provide the perfect conditions for nasties.

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