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Greg Hart
New Zealand
Feb 4, 2021

Lone Star & Joe’s Garage Adopt Digital Food Safety Compliance Platform

Lone Star & Joe’s Garage Adopt Digital Food Safety Compliance Platform

Lone Star stands tall in the NZ hospitality industry. A restaurant group that has traded for over 30 years with the original owners still on board. They have stayed true to their brand and as a result have been well rewarded for their patience and perseverance. Lone Star is now New Zealand’s largest and best know restaurant group. 

When they first opened in Manchester Street in 1988 Lone Star went about disrupting the ‘pompous, nouvelle cuisine’ scene of the 1980’s with the concept that dining-out should be fun and value for money. They certainly succeeded with this concept so much so it is still at the heart of what they do today. Lone Star now has 26 restaurants and 13 Joe’s Garage restaurants that continue to operate with ‘Love, care and generosity’ just as they did in 1988.  


The Challenge: 

Lone Star was an early adopter of digital food safety technology, however their initial platform provider did not give them the end to end solution they required. A platform was needed which supercharged staff engagement through ease of use, automated temperature monitoring and streamlined verifications across all Lone Star and Joe’s Garage outlets.

Because Lone Star already had a digital FCP in place it was important that a new system would transition seamlessly with minimal disruption to the business. Therefore, Lone Star needed a solution that was fit for purpose, easy to set up and simple to use.  


The Solution:

Lone Star chose Safe Food Pro. Not only was the transition from their existing platform seamless, Lone Star now had full compliance visibility across the entire group using Safe Food Pro’s out of the box group features. The solution also included a full roll-out of Monitor Pro’s wireless temperature monitoring hardware. With Safe Food Pro, Lone Star was able to improve both internal auditing and external verification functions, dramatically reducing costs and improving outcomes as well as further streamlining kitchen food safety management. 

Safe Food Pro’s weekly group report is shared amongst all restaurants. This sharing of compliance results across the group has created competition between restaurants as they strive for number 1 ranking. This has meant an improved food safety culture for Lone Star and Joe’s Garage’


The Results

  • savings in time and money
  • Accurate Record Keeping
  • consistent real time data across all restaurants
  • easier internal audits
  • streamlined verifications
  • IMPROVED food safety culture


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