Roger Harris
New Zealand
Apr 28, 2020

Remote Verifications' Are Here

Remote Verifications' Are Here

While the COVID-19 response remains in effect MPI will continue with Food Safety Verifications (because they are an essential service) but will do so without physical contact, hence the use of technology.

Remote Food Safety Check
The Remote Food Safety Check is a check of your business that means your verifier does not have to come to your business making the check safe and contact free for both parties.

We asked the  Food Safety experts (Auditing Solutions) what the difference is between a 'Food Safety Check' and a 'Verification'. They have advised us that the latest understanding is a 'Check' is now considered to be a 'Verification'. Your verifier will confirm this before proceeding.

In order to undertake a remote check, you will need a device or computer with a camera and a live-streaming app, such as Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts.

The check itself relies on you being able to supply the verifier all the information/records they require ahead of time. The simplest way to do this is to send your verifier a 'verifier login' to your Safe Food Pro app or other digital food safety app that supports this. This gives your verifier complete access to all the information they need about your Food Control Plan and associated records.

If you are still using paper records you will have to either scan or take photos of all your required documentation and send to your verifier attached to an email.

The Process
Once the records are submitted the actual remote check is done using skype or similar live streaming app. This is the most difficult part of the exercise for verifiers and relies on them being sufficiently trained to complete this task. Some verifiers had already been trained by MPI to undertake Remote Verifications before COVID 19 but most have had to be trained since lockdown through a series of MPI webinars.

During the remote check you will have opportunity to discuss with your verifier their findings and any related actions. At the end of the remote check the verifier will assign an outcome - acceptable or unacceptable.



Safe Food Pro supports Remote Verifications (out of the box).
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