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Greg Hart
Apr 26, 2020

Safe Food Pro - Autumn Release 2020

Safe Food Pro - Autumn Release 2020

We are super excited to bring you our Autumn 2020 Safe Food Pro Release.

The last couple of months have been extremely tough on the hospitality industry and the economy as a whole.

This release includes some features we hope will help you manage some of the new requirements which have been put in place to deal with COVID-19 pandemic.

As always our support staff and food safety partners are ready to help you in anyway we can. We are all in this together.

Release Version Numbers

Android v1.8.4 Download
Apple - iOS v1.8.4 Download

New Branding

Mobile Icon Change
We've made some exciting updates to our branding, keep this in mind when you are next looking for Safe Food Pro on your Mobile. 

Safe Food Pro - New Branding

COVID-19 Features

COVID-19 Specific Forms
We have added some new forms for re-opening after Alert Level 4 and other additional daily forms. For more information please refer to the MPI Website 
Re-opening or making changes to a food business in Alert Level 3.

Employee Check-in & Check-Out

Have your staff easily check in and out of work to contact trace with ease.
This is a feature for USERS only, not staff. Your team will need to access Safe Food Pro on their own device with their own email and password to login.
Find out more about Employee Check in & Out 

Contactless Public Register
A contactless register, perfect for your deliveries, visitors and customers.

Using a QR code created just for you, visitors can register they were on your premises with ease. No shared pens or paper required, just the visitors' personal mobile device.

Find out more about our Public Register 


Mobile Phone Public Checkin for contact tracing

Public Checking Poster

Improved Reporting Features

Summary Report
Improvements - each section of the Summary Report now includes a list of any Observations and Issues (Blue Notes) made when completing forms.

Completed Calendar  

This Calendar provides an overview of the forms completed on each day and a summary of performance against daily scheduled targets.

You can open the completed forms and in the 'Week' and 'Day' modes you can see the time of day each form was completed too.

Find out more about the Completed Calendar

Completion Calendar

Advanced Search
Advanced Search allows you to search through completed answers from the Completed Forms tab. Search for text such as a Staff member's name or a specific temperature value in any answer in the current reporting date range.

New Features

To save typing and to standardise responses to observations and incidents you can now pick from snippets of text when adding a Blue Note or Follow-up Action.
You can add these snippets in the Web Console under Resources.
For example these might be descriptions of common faults (e.g. Fridge left open, power outage, slip, trip or fall, spillage or breakage, or your own corrective codes.

Follow Up Actions
When you do create a Blue Note on the Safe Food Pro mobile you now have the option to add a Follow-up Action too. This allows you to create an Action for a particular staff member or everyone in your Organisation with an optional form to be completed or resource to be read. If you target the Follow-up Action to a Staff member then it will appear on their training record.
A common example is when an incident occurs (e.g.a dropped knife), a Blue Note is created to record the incident and the staff member requires follow-up training as a result. When you add the Blue Note you can now create the Follow-up Training Action at the same time form the mobile (previously you had to do this from the Admin Console).

Reminders & Escalations

These can now be added to Daily Scheduled Forms.

  • A reminder is like a meeting reminder and will alert you on your phone or tablet running Safe Food Pro 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes before a form is due to be completed. You can also set up a reminder on a question within a form - the most usual case will be for a 2-hour/4-hour cooking or cooling form where you want a prompt to go back a do the next step in the form. Question reminders are relative to when the form was first started.
  • An escalation is for when a form is not completed at the scheduled time. You can setup an escalation to occur from 15 minutes to 20 hours after a Form (or question) should have been completed. An escalation can send a push notification to devices running Safe Food Pro, it can send emails to anyone you like and you can also send a Text Message (SMS) to any phone number. However you have an allowance for the number of text messages you can send each month.
  • In addition, you can setup an escalation to start a Follow-up Action process to send a push-notification message to any Staff member or to everyone in your Organisation with an attached Form or Resource for them to complete. 

Find out more about Reminders & Escalations

Other Improvements

  • Add photos to your answer when using the Yes/No + Reason or No/Yes + Reason answer type 
  • Find your Ad hoc forms easily with alphabetical ordering
  • Under 'My Business' in the Admin Console you can now view a Message Log that shows a log of emails, push notifications and text messages
  • If you use a 'Verifier' login on the mobile because you swap between several Organisations within a Group there is a new 'Switch' menu item to speed up the process of logging out and back in again
  • Minor bug fixes

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