Dakogi ensures peace of mind in food safety with Safe Food Pro, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency for worry-free food compliance.

Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand

Key Outcomes

  • Attained a more efficient record keeping process by eliminating Food Safety Paperwork
  • Improved staff accountability, training and support
  • Gained a safer and more hygienic workplace experience due to an upgraded storage and equipment monitoring digital system
Safe Food Pro’s app is very straight-forward and easy to use. All staff are able to easily log into their own device to use the app from anywhere and everywhere, which saves us a lot of time as a growing business.
Challenge 1

Record keeping difficulty

Founded in 2020, the Birkenhead located Dakogi Korean Fried Chicken shop has quickly become a popular destination for customers seeking a variety of delicious fried chicken, chips, burgers, and more. Being a tight-knit and dedicated team, they take pride in providing their customers with high-quality, safe, and hygienic food. However, maintaining food safety records and ensuring compliance with safety standards was proving to be a challenge using a paper based system.

By adopting Safe Food Pro, Dakogi was able to revolutionise the way they managed their food safety within their establishment by taking their system digital. With Safe Food Pro's digital approach, the need for cumbersome paperwork is eliminated. All records are securely stored on the app, mitigating the risk of data loss and making food safety documentation easily accessible.

Challenge 2

Staff training and accountability

Ensuring that all staff members adhere to food safety protocols and complete their assigned tasks diligently is critical to the smooth running of Dakogi, and it was deemed to be a persistent challenge. The lack of a comprehensive monitoring system made it difficult to identify and address any gaps in staff training or accountability.

With Safe Food Pro's monitoring capabilities, Dakogi’s management team can now track and verify completed tasks all from the ease of the mobile app or admin console. Dakogi has seen a huge improvement in staff accountability, with also being able to identify areas that require additional training and support.

Challenge 3

Storage and equipment monitoring

Keeping track of multiple fridges, freezers and monitoring temperatures is a crucial task for staff at Dakogi. However, the absence of a centralised system made it difficult to ensure consistent monitoring and proper maintenance of the storage units.

Since upgrading to Safe Food Pro, Dakogi was able to use our digital system to centralise the monitoring of all storage units, providing real-time temperature data and alerts for any fluctuations. The temperature signature feature proved to be a valuable tool for immediate attention. If temperature readings exceeded safe levels, the app promptly alerted the staff, ensuring that crucial food storage precautions were never overlooked.

“The temperature signature is a very useful and clever feature that we use daily. If the temperature of our produce tests higher than the required safe temperature degree, Safe Food Pro’s app won’t let me sign the temperature off - therefore I’m always aware of the correct storing temperature to store the chicken at” 

Dakogi now thrives as a safer and more efficient establishment, with a continued focus on culinary excellence and customer satisfaction. Safe Food Pro takes immense pride in supporting their journey towards providing a safe and hygienic culinary experience, and we remain dedicated to empowering more businesses with our cutting-edge food safety solution.

Challenge 4

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