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Key Outcomes

  • Transformed food safety engagement through an interactive digital platform, resulting in a team-wide commitment to quality and safety standards. 
  • Adopted a real-time digital oversight system, enhancing management's ability to monitor compliance and enforce accountability across operations. 
  • Modernised food safety protocols, significantly reducing documentation time and minimising the risk of errors in premium meal production.
  • Elevated audit preparedness with comprehensive digital tracking, achieving outstanding food safety audit results and setting a new standard for industry excellence.

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“Safe Food Pro has undoubtedly been an instrumental tool in helping our business become the most compliant operation we can be. The quality of the reporting, the support and advice offered by the Safe Food Pro team and the very user-friendly functionality ensures the adoption of the system by our staff is 100%.”
Challenge 1

Engaging Staff in Food Safety Practices

Jess's Underground Kitchen began back in 2013, as a beloved secret foodie club, but as they expanded, fostering a strong, company-wide food safety culture became a challenge. Due to the expansion, the complexity of maintaining high standards in food safety grew. Despite their commitment to quality, the staff faced challenges in adapting to the evolving and more rigorous food safety requirements.

Safe Food Pro's introduction changed the game. The intuitive platform made food safety practices more engaging and accessible. With hands-on training for their 'Super Users,' the team's 'buy in' transformed. The once cumbersome food safety tasks became a unified mission, leading Jess's Underground Kitchen to be a model for food safety excellence in the food manufacturing industry.

Challenge 2

Increasing Management Oversight

As Jess's Underground Kitchen grew, so did the need for a robust oversight system. The old manual methods offered limited visibility, making it difficult for management to track compliance and ensure accountability. There was a real risk of errors and, worse, intentional mis-recordings.

With the adoption of Safe Food Pro, transparency and control became the new standards. Management now enjoys real-time insights into every aspect of their food safety operations, from staff training to batch recording, ensuring nothing less than gold standard practices throughout their facilities.

“We are now a vastly different business in the way in which we manage Food Safety in our business.”

Challenge 3

Modernising Manual Systems

The manual systems at Jess's Underground Kitchen were not only prone to human error but also inefficiency. As the producer of premium frozen meals, any mistake or delay could compromise food safety and consumer trust.

The solution came with the full suite of digital tools provided by Safe Food Pro, including iPads, camera functions, and Bluetooth probes. This technological leap streamlined operations, significantly reducing the time spent on food safety documentation and increasing the overall efficiency and safety of the operation.

Challenge 4

Proving Excellence in Audits

Before Safe Food Pro, food safety audits were a tense time for Jess's Underground Kitchen, with results that were less than ideal. The crux of the issue lay in proving the daily adherence to food safety protocols.

Post-implementation, the detailed tracking and documentation capabilities of Safe Food Pro enabled Jess's Underground Kitchen to ace their food safety audits. The digital trail of accountability left auditors almost speechless, turning what used to be a challenge into one of the company's proudest achievements.

“Safe Food Pro has allowed us to have far greater visibility and accountability. This resulted in us passing through our recent audits with flying colours and the auditor almost speechless on the quality of our practices.”

Through the strategic use of Safe Food Pro, Jess's Underground Kitchen has not just maintained but elevated its commitment to food safety as it grew from a local secret to a national brand. The app's comprehensive features support every aspect of their Food Safety programme, showcasing the transformative power of digital integration in maintaining the highest standards of food safety.

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