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Key Outcomes

  • Transitioned to a streamlined digital temperature monitoring system, effectively reducing errors and saving time previously consumed by manual record-keeping. 
  • Achieved consistently high standards of cleanliness through automated digital checklists, ensuring thorough daily hygiene practices across the establishment.
  • Enhanced health monitoring with a centralised digital system, enabling prompt responses to health incidents and reinforcing a culture of well-being and safety.
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“We’ve definitely saved a heap of money and time by streamlining our food safety system.”
Challenge 1

Overcoming Record-Keeping Complexities

Since opening in early 2023, Katsubi Silverdale, a fresh and vibrant player bringing the best of Asian flavours, faced the daunting task of meticulous food temperature logging—a critical yet cumbersome process awash with paperwork. These manual practices were not only prone to human error but also labour-intensive.With the adoption of Safe Food Pro, Katsubi elevated its approach, harnessing technology to automate and error-proof temperature monitoring. Our app’s ability to digitally log temperatures not only fortified their compliance efforts but also liberated the team from the mountains of paperwork that once consumed their daily routine.

Challenge 2

Upholding Daily Hygiene Protocols

For Katsubi’s dedicated team, a spotless kitchen and dining area are essential to maintaining daily hygiene standards. However, manual checklists were prone to human error.The switch to Safe Food Pro provided a systematic solution with digital checklists and reminders that left no room for oversight. Our digital tool ensured that each cleaning task was thoroughly completed, reinforcing Katsubi’s dedication to a hygienic dining environment and cementing customer trust in their brand.

Challenge 3

Efficient Health and Sickness Monitoring

In any food establishment, health monitoring is non-negotiable. Katsubi needed a way to keep a close eye on staff wellness without getting bogged down by paperwork. With Safe Food Pro, they found a solution that offered swift, centralised tracking of health incidents. This level of oversight has been crucial in swiftly addressing health concerns, keeping both staff and customers safe.

Katsubi has not only managed to keep up with the fast pace of the food industry but has set a new standard in safety and hygiene, thanks to the comprehensive features of Safe Food Pro. As they continue to serve their customers with confidence, our app's reminders and checklists work tirelessly in the background, guaranteeing a safe, hygienic, and efficient kitchen operation.

Challenge 4

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